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Established in 1995, by (Late) Mrs. Anuradha Lalwani, Well & Water Works is always interested in offereing quality of Technical services to People at large.
In 2006 Well & Water Works was handed over to Mrs Mane, under this new management it has ensured to catering to all people from different economic, social & religious backgrounds without any bias & incorporates Latest Technologies at the same time gives due credit to the ancient Indian knowledge of 'Vastushahstra', especially in connection to the placement of surfacial water bodies.
Water being a natural, valuable & life supporting resource, and every one in the urban and rural areas is partially or fully dependent on groundwater for their daily requirements of water. To protect this valuable resource, Well & Water Works utilize rigid safety norms.
Well & Water Works is always interested in understanding why borewells many a times do not yield adequate water. We are especially keen on helping out those who have encountered such dry borewells.
A relatively high degree of sucess is achieved by combining preliminary low scale satellite imageries interpretation for regional surfacial mapping along with interpretation of Geophysical Data in field, using the method evolved by us over the years based on correlating the field data with the drill time logs & pump tests on thousands of sites that we have successfully implemented.


Water is the essence of Life Water regardless of its quality has always been in demand

Established in 1995, with a sole intention of improving the quality of services being offerd in the field of Water Resources.

Water being a life supporting resource, we at Well & Water Works believe in a strict adherence to the appropriate applicable scientific methodologies & the right kind of equipment. With more than two decades of field experience and analysing both, our failures along with our success we have come to the conclusion that Earth Resistivity is the best scientifically applicable method for exploration of groundwater, this is especially true in multi-layered egnimatic terrain of the Deccan Basalts of India.


Right To Clean Drinking Water Lets Make Every Drop Count

In a country where quality based sevices were something unthinkable, and where the service industry is still highly unorganized and dominated by "fly- by-night " operators employing unqualified personel, with the sole intention of making a fast buck. The concept of offering an assured Technically backed Quality service when needed from well trained and experienced Personel is what Well & Water Works ventured out to achieve.


Integrated Approch Applying an Integrated Approaches for Sustainable Development

We at Well & Water Works believe in providing the best for its clients, and to achieve this apart from the highly qualified & experienced in-house expertise & manpower, Well & Water Works derives its strength from the assistance of its conglomerate of highly qualified and experienced Technical Experts & Associates from diverse fields, which include Engineers, Architects, Geologists, Social & Agricultural Scientists etc.

We Believe that every Suggestion, Querry or Question raised by a Client, should be given a serious second thought.

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