Intake Well  at Chaskaman  Resrvoir at Chas gaon, Maharashtra, India
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 Spring at Mulshi area
Established in 1995, by (Late) Mrs. Anuradha Lalwani, with a Masters in Commerce,was no hindrance to the quality of Technical services offered by the company.

To help her in achieving this was her husband Dr. Anil Lalwani, PhD. From University of Pune, entitled “Practical aspects of Exploration of the Deccan basaltic aquifer for development through borewells, Pune, Maharashtra'.

Dr. Anil Lalwani got into consultancy work related to exploration & development of Groundwater soon after completing his M.Sc. in 1985. Later on he also got opportunity to acquire some advanced technical knowledge & work experience in the west, especially Germany. As a team, they managed to gain the confidence of their clients, some of whom later went on to on become good friends and Associates.

After the sad demise of Anuradha Lalwani in 2002, Dr. Anil Lalwani, single handedly went about helping people in finding a solution to their water related problems. Over the years, Dr. Lalwani has worked on many projects, both independently and as a member of a team, Dr Lalwani was a member of the consortium of consultants formed by Gherzi Eastern Limited, India for Technical Analysis- Hydrogeology of Maharashtra & Contributed to development of the Technical Manual under the Proposed Second Rural Water and Supply & Sanitation Project Goverment of Maharashtra with World Bank Assistance in 2002-2003.

Dr Lalwani was also associated with NARI SAMANTA MANCH, Pune , in the capacity of a Hydrogeologist for the Capacity Building Program-Program Under the Aapale Pani (KFW- Supported) Project for Evaluating existing water supply & sanitation systems for Educating participating villagers.

He has also contributed at Yeshwantrao Chavan Academy of Development Administration (YASHADA), Pune for capacity building programs related to environmentally sustainable development & planning.& is always appreciated for his ability to come up with practically applicable solutions. .

In 2006, the management of the firm was handed over to Mr. Mane, a good friend & former working partner of Dr. Lalwani. Mr. Mane, who apart from a Master's in Geology, from the University of Pune, India, also has years of experience in Management & Sales. Under his management skills the firm grew from a purely Consultancy & Maintenance services to a full fledged Sales & Technical back up support company.

Water being a natural, valuable & life supporting resource, and every one in the urban and rural areas is partially or fully dependent on groundwater for their daily requirements of water. To protect this valuable resource, Well & Water Works utilize rigid safety norms.

Well & Water Works caters to all people from different economic, social & religious backgrounds without any bias & incorporates and gives due credit to the ancient Indian knowledge of 'Vastushahstra', especially in connection to the placement of surfacial water bodies.

Well & Water Works is always interested in understanding why borewells many a times do not yield adequate water. We are especially keen on helping out those who have encountered such dry borewells.

A relatively high degree of sucess is achieved by combining preliminary low scale satellite imageries interpretation for regional surfacial mapping along with interpretation of Geophysical Data in field, using the method evolved by us over the years based on correlating the field data with the drill time logs & pump tests on thousands of sites that we have successfully implemented.

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