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Rainwater Harvesting:

We provide scientific and pratical advice for works related to rainwater harvesting, both on an individual level (rooftop) or on a regional level (Watershed), We undertake Audit of watershed works, provide pratical suggestion to rejuvenate Traditional water sources, Spring identification and development as a supplementarty source of fresh water.

Rainwater Harvesting :

Water is the essence of life. Ever increasing demands of water for domestic, irrigation as well as industrial use have created a stress on the available surface water sources all over the world. Indiscrimate & unplanned exploitation of groundwater & reduction of natural recharge due to urbanization has led to the depletion of the groundwater resources.
Rain being the only source of fresh water has made it necessary to promote Rain-water harvesting and artificial recharge to augment ground water recharge especially in the urban areas.
The technology of collecting rain water is hundreds of years old but systematic collection and recharging of groundwater is a practice of recent times. It has stood the test of time. Its only lately that the traditional practices have come to be valued because of the intense pressure on the availability of fresh clean water

Rainwater Harvesting In Urban Areas:

Rainwater is collected directly or recharged into the ground to improve ground water storage. Water that is not extracted from ground during rainy days is the water saved. This will help in improving the quality of groundwater, as well as restoring the groundwater levels. This will also help in reducing surface runoff and water logging during the rainy season. You could also do it your self .

A thorough understanding of the geology & hydrogelogy of subsurface formations (Aquifer) involved is essential for a good well design and for obtaining good results for any recharge project. The three most important components, needed for designing rainwater harvesting structures are:

  • Hydrogeology of the area
  • Total area of Catchment
  • Hydro-meteorological characteristics

  • Randomly drilling some shallow borewells is really not the right way for recharging the groundwater system, there is a high probablity that it may lead to contamination of the groundwater system within the area.

    Hence we recommend that you let a professional agency like us do the job for you.
    We specilize in evaluation of shallow level Percolation rate & deep Direct Aquifer recharge capacity, which is necessary for proper desigining of Ground water recharge systems to derive maximum benifit by achiving maximum recharge.

    As there is upto a maximum of 40% increase in surface runoff as a result of urbanization, one should ensure that upto 40% rechage is achieved if Groundwater is not been exploited within the area so as to maintan the natural ecological balance. In case groundwater is being exploited for daily usage, then it becomes essential to ensure maximum possibe recharge to be achieve the same.

    As the total number of rainy days in a year is much less, as compared to the days during which it does not rain, constructing a tank for the sole purpose of collecting & using rainwater is not advisiable unless ofcourse, it is the only availabe source of fresh water.

    Groundwater recharge in areas with shallow groudnwater table (less than 6 meter below ground level) or in areas with thick profile of Black cotton soil is not advisiable. br>

    While attempting to recharge Groundwater within shallow level within the unconfined aquifer system or within the deeper confined system care must be taken by installing appropriate filteration system to ensure that the system does not get contaminated. Recharge structures shoudl ideally not be located in close proximity of sewerage chambers.

    Spring Development:

    We provide sound scientific and pratical advice for works related to identification, monitoring and developement of natural springs as a supplementary source of fresh water supply

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