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Capacity Building & Project Work:

Knowledge when kept to oneself or Research findings which land up collecting dust in the University Departments & Research Institutes are of no real value and amounts to wastage of funds. This kind of wastage in our opinion is a criminal waste of resources especially in the developing countries. We at "Well and Water Works" try to form a link between High end Research and Practical applications in the real world. We believe in sharing the knowledge that we have gathered over the years with our our academic and field background. We readily answer questions or queries which are put to us especially during our field visits or otherwise.

Well &Water Works encourages project activities especially related to its field of work and is always ready to assist students of Masters, Engineering & Diploma courses with project work and work experience. Queries from all students of all colleges are always welcome.
Apart from this Members of Well & Water Works willingly share their knowledge and experience by way of contributing to Capacity building & Field training programs in connection to Resource Mapping, Earth Resistivity Applications, Resource Management , Rainwater Harvesting etc.

We at well and water works, always welcome ITI trained people to gain onthe job pratical training related to pump maintanence and installation, fault identification and rectifiction.

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