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In all kind of work, if there is one agency that takes up the responsibility of co-coordinating with all the various agencies involved it saves a lot of time and also ensures that the same quality of work is maintained all through out the project. In any resource evaluation, or exploration project work, the drilling operation is usually entrusted to an external agency

Arrangement of Drilling:

We arrange drilling or 4.5, 6, and larger diameter borewells for various applications. This primarily done to ensure that our clients do not land up losing out due to the hydro geologically illiterate and ignorant labor usually employed by the drilling agencies in India. The owners of which, also in majority of the cases are themselves lacking the essential geological expertise.

Monitoring of Drilling:

We also undertake monitoring of drilling activity for collection of rock samples as well the changes in the yield in case of water wells for generation of proper litho logs. The drill time records are essentially utilized for a properly planned sustainable development and resource management in the future.

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