Intake Well  at Chaskaman  Resrvoir at Chas gaon, Maharashtra, India
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 Drilling at SOS Village, Pune
As our name Well & Water Works suggests, we specialize in Water, Offering a range of services related to Groundwater, Environmental and Geotechnical works.

We do not claim to be experts in all aspects, but we are confident that if we cannot solve your problems, we are sure we will be able to find the right person for you from our extensive group of associated experts. .

SURVEY: Systematic scientifically based field surveys conducted for various applications
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DRILLING: We not only arrange for drilling but much more
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PUMPING SYSTEMS: Selection of pumping system not based on cost but based on requirement etc.
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RAINWATER HARVESTING: Practical solutions for Rainwater Harvesting, and supplementing water resources through spring development etc.
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WATER MANAGEMENT: Yield testing for achieving the best cost to benefit ratio and proper management of the resource etc.
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WATER TREATMENT: Work related to water quality systems & Grey water treatment etc.
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GEOTECHNICAL: Consultancy & Practical suggestions regarding; excavation, quarries, soil cover etc.
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AGRICULTURAL SERVICES: Soil & water testing / conservation for gardening, agricultural and watershed development activities etc.
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PROJECT WORK & CAPACITY BUILDING: Assistance to M.Sc, Engineering and Diploma Students for project work, Capacity building in connection with Environment, Sustainable Development, Water resources, etc.
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