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Pumping Systems:

Pumping System design based on actual requirements & not on Costs, that is what we promote. The biggest mistake in pumping system design is going for the cheapest options. Cost cutting is never done while constructing our roof or the furniture in the house nor is it done while installing the lighting system, yet when it comes to pumping systems it seems to be the first place where everyone thinks the costs are too high and try to save as much as possible. In reality, water and the pumping system is an (if not the most) important aspect of a house.

We are sure that we may not be able to schedule your job the fastest & nor will we be among the cheapest. What we are sure of is that we will be able to provide you with a quality system ideally suiting your needs and at a price that in our opinion is a fair price.

Pump Selection:

We have a Computer assisted selection and design for pumping systems based on essential data that is collected in the initial stages. The whole system is designed to give a choice of pumps from various companies viz. Kirloskar, Crompton, Pluga, Laxmi, KSB etc. for various applications, including borewells, wells, tanks, water falls etc.

We Install pumping systems in Borewells, Open Wells, Underground Tanks, Dewatering pits and basements etc. with provision for manual or automatic pump operations including pressure and hydro-pneumatic systems. As a back up for this we undertake regular maintenance and repairs of the pumping systems. We also undertake installation of water softening systems and water purifiers as well as work related to chlorination of Borewells, Tank cleaning etc.

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