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As our name suggests, our specilization is in Water, we offer a range of services related to Groundwater, Environmental and Geotechnical works.
We do not claim to be experts in all aspects, but are confident that if we cannot solve your problems, be rest assured that we will be able to find the right person for you from our extensive group of associates.
Our professional experience extends over a wide spectrum of services, from pure resource evaluation to project consultants to a total solution provider. Our Experts also undertake Teaching that covers a vast spectrum from teaching at undergraduate & postgraduate level, conducting seminars while contributing to training programs for various stakeholders viz. villagers, government officials, professionals, & interested personnel.
Majority of our work experience is confined to water resources, its evaluation development & management and that to within a terrain, which most geologists consider to be enigmatic -“The Deccan Basaltic terrain of India”. Due to the recurring droughts, because of the failure of monsoons, the task of successfully implementing water related projects becomes slightly more difficult. This probably gives us an edge over the others for similar work in any other geological terrain.



A relatively high degree of success is achieved by combining preliminary satellite imagery interpretation, for regional surficial mapping along with interpretation of Geophysical Data in field (Our USP), using a method evolved by us over the years based on correlating the field data with the drill time logs & pump tests on thousands of sites that we have successfully implemented. It is not the equipment used which is of importance, but the ability to properly visualize and interpret the subsurface conditions that ensure success.

Geological & Hydro-geological Mapping

Geological & Hydro-geological Mapping
Field surveys conducted for individual residential or commercial plots, Housing societies, Industries, Small farms plots, Large Agro or Township projects. Apart from this, we also undertake surveys in connection to Evaluation of Quarry Development Potential, Rainwater Harvesting Potential, Construction Raw Material Potential, Excavations and Watershed work, etc.

Base Map Generation
Rapid base map preparation & obtaining an overall regional perspective, utilizing the Survey of India Topo sheets, Satellite data & detailed Field Geological and Hydro-geological Surveys.

Geophysical Surveys
With more than two decades of field experience, we have come to the conclusion that Earth Resistivity is the only applicable scientific method for exploration of groundwater in multi-layered enigmatic terrain of the Deccan Basalts of India.
Earth Resistivity has a direct relation to the groundwater saturation present within the rock pores/joints etc. It is the only practically applicable geophysical method which can be used for groundwater exploration within the multi-layered basaltic terrain. Field surveys are conducted using the 4 electrode Schlumberger or Wenner Configurations, depending on site & project requirements .

Data Interpretation
We believe in data Interpretation done manually in the field so as to answer any queries that may need to be resolved in the field it self.
A relatively high degree of success is achieved by combining preliminary satellite imagery interpretation for regional surficial mapping along with interpretation of Geophysical Data in field, using the method evolved by us over the years based on correlating the field data with the drill time logs & pump tests on thousands of sites that we have successfully implemented.
In house computerized interpretation is employed for cross checking field reports & presentation purpose whenever necessary.

Geotechnical Work

Geotechnical Work
We provide geotechnical consultancy in connection to excavations for construction activity & problems related to Excess water, Rock quality/quantity evaluation for quarries, Soil to bed rock contact & other earth works related activities, ground treatment for water logged areas, etc.

RESOURCE Development


In any Job it is always helpful if there is one agency that takes up the responsibility of co-coordinating with all the various agencies involved. It saves a lot of time & also ensures that uniform quality of work is maintained all through out the project. In any resource evaluation or exploration project work, the drilling is usually through an external agency.

It is always good when one does not need to interact, negotiate & deal with multiple agencies to overcome & facilitate this. We arrange for Drilling work be executed under our supervision whenever required. As we do not own any Drilling Rigs, nor do we work for any specific drilling agency, we are never under pressure to suggest Drilling locations to generate work, we do so only when we think it is needed. We can Proudly say that our recomendations are unbaised & totally based on our inferences of our field survey.

Arrangement of Drilling
We arrange drilling for 4.5" (115 mm), 6.5" (165mm), and larger diameter borewells for various applications. This is primarily done to ensure that our clients do not land up losing out due to the hydro-geologically illiterate & ignorant labor usually employed by the drilling agencies in India. The owners of which, also in majority of the cases are themselves lacking the essential geological expertise.

Monitoring of Drilling
We also undertake monitoring of drilling activity for collection of rock samples as well as the changes in the yield in case of water wells for generation of proper litho-logs. The drill time records are essentially utilized for a properly planned sustainable development & resource management (viz. pump installation etc.) for the future.


"UNDER SIZING" as well as "OVER SIZING" a system-both are incorrect, due to which the system tends to operate outside the limits of optimum performance. This in turn will increase operation costs & probably shorten the life of the system. Similarly, "over sizing" can also have undesirable effects on the fragile environment. A Pumping System design should be based on requirements & not on Costs, that is what we promote. The biggest mistake in pumping system design selection is going for the cheapest options. Cost cutting is never done while constructing our roof or the furniture in the house nor is it done while installing the lighting system, yet when it comes to pumping systems it seems to be the first place where everyone thinks the costs are too high & unnecessary. They tend to forget that it is Water is the Essence of Life

We are sure that we may not be able to schedule your job the fastest & nor will we be among the cheapest. What we are sure of is that, we will be able to provide you with a quality system ideally suiting your requirements, at a fair price.

Well Testing & Pump Selection

Well Testing
We have a range of pumping equipment & conduct well tests to estimate aquifer parameters & safe yield for both open dug wells & borewells. These in turn help in designing of appropriate pumping system & setting up pumping schedules for proper resource management which in turn results in maximum cost to benefit ratio while operating the system.
This also helps in ascertaining the area of influence & interference, if any. With the proper demarcation of recharge and & zones, adequate Protection Zones can be better planned to minimize the risk of contamination to the aquifer.

Pump Selection
We have a Computer assisted selection & design for pumping systems based on essential data that is collected in the initial stages. The whole system is designed to give a choice of pumps from various companies viz. Kirloskar brothers Ltd, Crompton Greaves Pumps, Pluga Pumps & Motes Pvt. Ltd , Laxmi Hydraulics Pvt. Ltd., KSB Pumps Ltd., etc. for various applications, including borewells, wells, water-tanks, artificial water falls etc.

Pump Installation
We install pumping systems in borewells, open Wells, underground tanks, dewatering pits & basements etc. with provision for manual or automatic pump operations including pressure and hydro-pneumatic systems. As a back up for this we undertake regular maintenance & repairs of the pumping systems. We also undertake installation of water softening systems & water purifiers as well as work related to chlorination of borewells, tank cleaning, etc.


Water is the essence of life. With the ever increasing demands of water for domestic, irrigation as well as industrial use have created a stress on the available water sources all over the world. Indiscrimate & unplanned exploitation of groundwater & reduction of natural recharge due to urbanization has led to the depletion of the groundwater resources. Rain being the only source of fresh water has made it necessary to promote Rain-water harvesting and artificial recharge to augment ground water recharge especially in the urban areas. The technology of collecting rain water is hundreds of year's old & has stood the test of time. Systematic collection & recharging of groundwater in urban areas is a practice of recent times. Its only lately that the traditional practices have come to be valued because of the intense pressure on the availability of fresh clean water.


We provide scientific & pratical advice for work related to rainwater harvesting, both on an individual level (rooftop) or on a regional level (Watershed). We also undertake Audit of watershed works, provide pratical suggestion to rejuvenate traditional water sources, spring identification & development as a supplementarty source of fresh water.

Rainwater Harvesting In Urban Areas

Rainwater is collected directly or recharged into the ground to improve ground water storage. Water that is not extracted from the ground during rainy days is the water saved. Rainwater harvesting helps improve the quality of groundwater, as well as restoring the groundwater levels. It also helps in reducing surface runoff & water logging during the rainy season.
All Recharging Projects requires thorough understanding of geology & hydrogelogy of subsurface formations (aquifer) if one expects to get good end results .
The three most important components, needed for properly designing rainwater harvesting structures are:

Hydrogeology of the area
Total area of catchment
Hydro-meteorological characteristics

Randomly drilling some shallow borewells is really not the right way for recharging the groundwater system, there is a high probablity that it may lead to contamination of the groundwater system within the area.
Hence, we recommend that you leave the job of "designing" to a professional agency like ours.

Infiltration Or Direct Recharge Capacity

We specilize in evaluation of shallow level percolation rate & deep direct aquifer recharge capacity, which is essential for proper desigining of ground water recharge systems so as to derive maximum benifit.
As there is upto a maximum of 40% increase in surface runoff as a result of urbanization, one should ensure that upto 40% rechage is achieved if groundwater is not been exploited within the area so as to maintan the natural ecological balance. In case groundwater is being exploited for daily usage, then it becomes essential to ensure maximum possibe recharge to achieve the same.
As in many areas, the total number of rainy days in a year is much less, as compared to the days during which it does not rain, constructing a tank for the sole purpose of collecting & using rainwater is not advisiable unless ofcourse, it is the only availabe source of water supply.
Groundwater recharge in areas with shallow groundwater table (less than 6 m below ground level) or in areas with thick profile of Black cotton Soil is not advisiable.
While attempting to recharge groundwater within shallow level unconfined aquifer system or within the deeper confined system, care must be taken by installing appropriate filteration to ensure that the system does not get contaminated. Recharge structures should ideally not be located in close proximity of contaminant sources such as sewerage chambers or waste dumps.

Spring Development

We provide sound scientific & pratical advice for work related to identification, monitoring & developement of natural springs as a supplementary source of fresh water supply.

Capacity Building & Project Work

Knowledge when kept to oneself or research findings which land up collecting dust in the University Departments & Research Institutes are of no real value, it actully amounts to wastage of funds. This kind of wastage in our opinion is a criminal waste of resources especially in developing countries. We at "Well & Water Works" try to form a link between high-end research & practical applications in the real world. We believe in sharing the knowledge that we have gathered over the years with our academic & field background. We readily answer questions or queries which are put to us especially during our field visits or otherwise.
Well & Water Works encourages project activities especially related to its field of work & is always ready to assist students of Diploma , Engineering & Masters courses with project work & work experience. Queries from all students of all colleges are always welcome.
Apart from this members of Well & Water Works willingly share their knowledge & experience by way of contributing to capacity building & field training programs in connection to Resource Mapping, Earth Resistivity Applications, Resource Management, Rainwater Harvesting etc.
We at Well & Water Works, always welcome ITI trained, Diploma/Degree holders to gain on-the-job pratical training related to pump installation & maintanence, fault identification & rectifiction.

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