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Geological & Hydro-geological Mapping:

Field surveys conducted for individual residential/commercial plots, Housing societies, Industries, Small farms plots, Large Agro or Township projects. Apart from this, we also undertake surveys in connection to Evaluation of Quarry Development Potential, Rainwater Harvesting Potential, Construction Raw Material Potential, Excavations and Watershed works, etc .

Base Map Generation:

Rapid base map preparation and regional perspective utilizing Survey of India Toposheets, Satellite data and detailed Field Geological and Hydro-geological Surveys.

Geophysical Surveys:

With more than two decades of field experience, we have come to the conclusion that Earth Resistivity is the only applicable scientific method for exploration of groundwater in multi-layered egnimatic terrain of the Deccan Basalts of India.
>Earth Resitivity has a direct relation to the groundwater saturation present within the rock pores/joints etc. It is the only practically applicable geophysical method which can be used for groundwater exploration within the multi-layered basaltic terrain. Field surveys are conducted using the Four electrode Schlumberger and Wenner Configurations, depending on site & project requirements .

Data Interpretation:

Data Interpretation done manually in the field so as to answer any queries that may need to be resolved in the field it self.
A relatively high degree of sucess is achieved by combining preliminary low scale satellite imageries interpretation for regional surfacial mapping along with interpretation of Geophysical Data in field, using the method evolved by us over the years based on correlating the field data with the drill time logs & pump tests on thousands of sites that we have successfully implemented.
In house Computerized interpretation are employed for cross checking field reports and for presentation purpose whenever necessary

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